The Dropper 2 Map Installer 1.7.4

The Dropper 2 Map Installer is a map created by Bigre. This map is very funny with some very tough challenge, and does not find any bug, I think there were months of work and testing for this map. The Dropper 2 Map – Newton vs Darwin, contains 11 levels, which you play for a long time, and have fun to the fullest with your friends or just you. This map is compatible with almost any which version of Minecraft, but I recommend you do not play on a smaller version of 1.5.X, recommended version is 1.7.4. The Dropper Map no need to install a specific resource pack or mods, just map to be installed and play! See below for pictures, videos and download links for installers on this map and original thread !


The Dropper 2 Map The-Dropper 2-Map-2 The-Dropper 2-Map-3 The-Dropper 2-Map-4 The-Dropper 2-Map-5 The-Dropper 2-Map-6 The-Dropper 2-Map-7


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Uninstall Option: Yes

Default Profile:

Require: Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Last Updated: January 22, 2014