Pixel Perfection Resource Pack Installer 1.7.4

Some of the best Minecraft resource packs require MCPatcher to function properly. The Pixel Perfection resource pack is one of those, because it utilizes custom colors, lightmaps, skybox and many other features of the program. This texture pack isn’t for novice Minecraft players, but even they can learn how to install it and get it running with the included guide. This resource pack makes many features of Minecraft pop; things which have become common and boring in standard play are given a real, new life thanks to the visuals in this resource pack. It includes support for mods like better grass and leaves, better water and other popular additions as well.

Though little has been done to modify water, lava or the animations for the two liquids, many other visual aspects of Minecraft are changed by Pixel Perfection. Enemy mobs seem to have a kind of pirate theme going, with zombies donning bandanas and eye patches, while other enemies have similar gear. The theme is apparently purposeful and intended by Pixel Perfection’s creator, who supplies a story to go with the visual changes to the game. This is a unique aspect to a resource pack which doesn’t show up in many other packs. It also means updates will be regular, at least until the creator loses interest in his creation.

Stained glass looks much better in the Pixel Perfection resource pack than it does in standard Minecraft, being colored but still clear and easy to see through. The normal, boxy armor shapes have been replaced by special suits for each armor type, with unique sprites to go along with every single piece. This is something Minecraft never did, but it seems like an overdue change that Pixel Perfection takes care of well. Overall, Pixel Perfection makes many noticeable changes to the visuals in Minecraft, some of which are even more noticeable because they run together in an intended theme.


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About Pixel Perfection Installer

Resource Pack Version: v2.2 for Minecraft 1.7.4

Resource Pack Prerequisite: Minecraft 1.7.4

Resource Pack Uninstall Option: Yes

Default Resource Pack Profile: Default

Require: Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Last Updated: January 14, 2014